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Jeanie Bogart won poetry contest in Martinique

CSMS Magazine Staff WritersCSMS staff writer and poet, Jeanie Bogart, has won an important prize in her quest to secure her own spot in the Caribbean literature. The prize was won at a contest held in Fort-De-France, Martinique last Saturday, and among an array of poets and writers, our impeccable Jeanie came out on top. She was among the six poets who won the Gilbert Gratiant Prize during the Contest of Poetry in the Creole Language. The contest was organized by Kalbas Lo Lakarayib.Jeanie, who lives in New York, has long been recognized as a writer with an extreme brilliance and an unimaginable wit. She writes with eloquence and an exuberance that have already captured the hearts of many. Her works have already been published in several publications within the Haitian Diaspora.Her soon-to-be-released collection of poetry has already won praises from several publishing houses. While the news of Jeanie’s win has brought joy to the hearts of her fans as well as a dazzling surprise from those who have long overlooked her talent, here in CSMS Magazine it can only reinforce the pride that we have always had in having this talented writer within our midst.The prizes were distributed as such:- Le prix « COUP DE COEUR » Ã Monsieur Roger EBION, poeme : « sans titre » (Martinique)- Le prix « FAB KONPE ZIKAK » Ã Madame Jaqueline LEDOUX, poeme : « Missye Soley Bonjou » (Martinique)- Le prix « SPECIAL» Ã Monsieur Eric PEZO, poeme : « Mi Peyi mwen » (Martinique)- Le prix « KALBAS LO no3 » Ã Monsieur Daniel SEGUIN CADICHE, poeme : « Mizik » (Martinique)- Le prix « KALBAS LO no2 » Ã Monsieur Alain CAPRICE, poeme : « Lanmou fanm lanmou peyi » (Guadeloupe)-Le prix « KALBAS LO n°1 » Ã Madame Jeanie BOGART JOURDAIN, poeme : « A la foli », (Haiti)Note: One can read Jeanie’s poems in the Poetry section.Comment this article or e-mail it to a friend.See also Interview with Jeanie Bogart: https://csmsmagazine.org/news.php?pg=20060521I96

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