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Jason Derulo: on the rise

By Ardain Isma Jr,

Special to CSMA Magazine

Jason was born in Miami, FL in 1989.  He was raised in Ft.lauderdale, Florida. Both of his parents are Haitians. While growing up, the music his father would play in the house influenced his eclectic taste and sound. Jason’s last name is really spelled Derouleaux, but to make it easier for his fans to pronounce but shortened it to Derulo.

 When he was younger, he always had an erg for singing and writing music. While he was growing up, he self taught how to write music and compose songs on his piano. When he was 14, his parents enrolled him in to the Dillard Performing Arts School to further enhance his talents. During his tenor there, he made connections with people in the industry. When he was 18, he began writing songs for big name artists such as Sean Kingstean , Justin Biber , Usher and Britney spears.

Jason enjoyed writing songs for his peers and felt ecstatic about his songs being sung by top profile artists. But he still wanted to be a singer. At the age of 19 he made a demo recording and sent it out to other recording labels. He was relentless until a rep at Warner Bros. heard his material. Shortly afterwards, he was signed literally on the spot. Then, he began working on his self –titled debut album in which he wrote, composed and co-produced every song. This very good sign of him has been a super power because most artists today can’t do such things as writing and producing their own music.

Jason’s first single entitled “watcha say” was a huge global hit, selling 5 million copies and becoming one of the bestselling singles in today’s history. His album debuted in the billboard top ten and later became certified gold. There is a lot of hope in the young singer. Ever since his newfound fame, singers from all over have been coming from left and right, asking Jason to write  for them. With that saying, Jason is a well seasoned R&B artist that has the potential to stand the test of time. But only time will tell.

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