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Jacmel in festive mood!

carnival queenaCSMS Magazine Staff writers

Jacmel, Haiti—This charming city commonly called the Haitian Eldorado is in a festive mood. According to Michaelle Valescot, our correspondent from Southeast Haiti, the preparations were dazzling, as we could see I the pictures. Creole beauty was in full display.  

Jacmel is like a city suffering from an inexplicable mood swing. Last week, Jacmel was in war footage, ready to take on Joseph Lambert, Sweet Micky point man in the Southeast. Lambert was accused of vote rigging. Angry demonstrators burned his pictures in effigy while carrying a black coffin.

Carifest was a great relief for the Haitian government, a golden opportunity to shift public attention else. Get the masses groggy, and everything will be fine—at least for a few short moment. More pictures could be seen on our fan page. Just click on this link below.  

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