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Is it easier now to climb the corporate ladder?

CSMS Magazine Staff WritersClimbing the corporate ladder may be getting easier. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of management and executive positions across the United States is expected to rise 13.6 percent within this decade. By 2010, it is estimated that this growth will result in the creation of more than 5 million management and executive positions.The technology industry is the front runner as the number-one growth industry over the next 10 years and offers job seekers the most management opportunities. Despite being the leading industry for growth, technology is hardly the only avenue offering job seekers the opportunity to advance their careers. Other opportunities include positions in health care, real estate, sales, associations, non-for-profits, human resources, accounting, and many more fields and industries.Management and executive careers are on the rise, and are everywhere. It might take a bit more time than in years past to find the ‘right’ positions, but the positions are there. What’s the key to landing one of these high-level positions? Arm yourself with a powerful resume and cover letter, identify your most appropriate marketing channels, and start your search today.

Land the interview before your competition

 To land more interviews over the competition, you have to work smarter. The hard part is to get your resume read by the right people at the right time. Good jobs aren’t on the market very long. To succeed your resume has to be available to the employer the moment they decide to fill a position.One easy way to be found by employers who are looking to hire someone with your skills, is to post your resume on all the top career websites. As soon as an employer needs someone, this is usually the first place they look. It’s a proven, documented method of successful job searching. While it may take a fair amount of time to find and fill out the forms of all these sites, you will definitely multiply your chances of landing a job.

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