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Is Dwight Howard the new Shaq?

Dwight Howard may very well be the nest Shaq. He is truly a player of exceptional talent, and whenever you see him on the court, you can’t help thinking about Shaq in his glory years. Doesn’t he sometimes remind you of Shaq when he was young? He makes big dunks like him and he is a wonderful center. He is all over the center field. That is only my opinion because I hear people say that he is not a good player while at the same time I hear people think he is the best in the league.

I’m not going to say that he’s not bad or he is the greatest. He is just great. This season, they are thinking of putting Dwight Howard as season most valuable player. I really think he should be M.V.P. just like I think Derek Rose should hold the second place.

I really think he is the best center this season just like Shaq when he first came to the N.B.A. Everybody thought he was unstoppable and he gave Michael Jordan a lot of hard times, just like Howard is now giving problems to most of the big names in the N.B.A. The only thing I would like to know is this: Would he play for the Orlando Magic for the rest of his career? So for now he is just a good player. Who knows what or where he might be few years from now? God only knows.

I’d like to hear what our readers have to say. I can’t wait for the answer. I guess I’m going to have to wait for your keenly replies. That’s okay. As long as you reply.


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