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Introducing Révé from Paille, a promising artist

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Paille is the new artist, along with Talan, that has been creating a lot of buzz where ever he goes. His music represents the antithesis of Zouk Love. He can be compared to artists like Manno Charlemagne, John Steve Brunache etc. His style has been identified a dancehall, but his music is so engaged that any social movement could use it to galvanize people’s consciousness. His real name is Yoni Alpha. He has adopted his new name, Paille, because of the straw hat he wears whenever he performs on stage—Paille or chapeau de paille or straw hat. He is from Martinique, but he resides in France, like most artists from the Antilles. So, let watch Paille.  

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