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In “The Conversation” this week: South Florida author Caron Pescatore

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My distinguished guest this week in The Conversation is Caron Pescatore, an author based in South Florida. Caron writes children books with a concentration on middle grade’s level. She is mostly known for her book series titled Kids’ Court of which the author says, “It is a legal fiction/mystery novel series.” The star or the protagonist of this series is Luanna Porcello—a character who plays the role of a peacemaker who dreams of becoming an attorney. Luanna is omnipresent, always trying to direct her friends to the right path of life.

Behind Caron’s book series, one can find two strategic components: Reading to enhance academic performance and teaching children the facts of life.

Not surprisingly, Luanna seems to have been embodied in the persona of Caron Pescatore who is a lawyer by trade. According to the author, she worked at the District Attorney’s Office as a public defender when she lived in Los Angeles some years ago. However, Caron says she draws inspirations for creating the character Luanna from her own daughter. Just like her daughter, Luanna is biracial. Mother is Jamaican and father is Italian. However, Luanna’s both parents are lawyers, which is not the case for Caron’s family.

“Growing up, I had always like literature, reading and writing,” Caron says, but it was not until she became a mother and was home with her two beautiful children that—per her husband’s encouragement—she began to write stories pertinent to children.

Caron is also a nurse, and she “used to write contents for a magazine,” writing articles relating to health care issues.

Caron and I have found common ground in Pan-Caribbeanism, for she is a Jamaican and I, a Haitian, and that Caribbean cuisine has been engrained in our veins.

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