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In “The Conversation” this week: Chinese-Canadian author Kevin Zhao

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

In The Conversation this week, I have the pleasure to sit down for an interesting interview with young Chinese-Canadian author Kevin Zhao. He has just released his debut novel titled The Bearer of Evil. It is a fantasy novel in which the protagonist, Fiducius Hapanas, is being hunted by a nameless enemy. On top of this, he faces countless of other obstacles while his friends try to find out the sequences of events. Hapanas must overcome these obstacles if he wants to be the true hero. The story is interestingly written within the discipline set forth in fantasy as a genre in literature.

What makes this interview so fascinating is that Kevin is only 12 years old, and he strongly believes in the idea that “anybody can write.” His creed is that “literacy has no limit.” I have never met a young person such as Kevin who is so passionate about his writing to the point where he wants to share it with the world. His world-building skills as well as his character development skills are well-designed and filled with what I usually call “the teasers that every writer needs to spice his story.”

Kevin also says he is an advocate, and when I ask him to clarify his statement, he is blunt. “I advocate for equality, especially anti-agism because there are many ideas about children shouldn’t read and write [meaning children should not become authors.] I think that’s wrong. So, I advocate for that….”

His novel is a testament to his belief. In fact, The Bearer of Evil is the first of a long series that will trap his readers and hook them onto 7 books. I have to say that I’m impressed by the enthusiasm that catapults this young writer into becoming a published author. And I’m not alone. During the release ceremony directed by Kevin himself, which was done remotely, I was amazed to observe so many important personalities of his town in Ontario, Canada, who were in attendance, including the mayor.

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