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In a relationship, your dignity matters

By Gyna Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Every relationship is a mutually inclusive endeavor. So, if you feel you’re locked in one, but you are being cheated on, you need to ask for an immediate correction. I know many of you may be suffering, for the macho mentality is forever engrained in the hearts of Haitian men. If I’m wrong, ladies, let me know. There’s always a subtle quest for another chica. Do you lose your man without a fight? Of course, not. However, you will NOT go down on your knees, just because he wants to walk away.    

Always maintain your dignity if you feel threatened by another woman, the last thing you want to do is show it in front of the man you are with. It indicates lack of confidence, which is a crucial ingredient when you are trying to get a man to perceive you as sexy and desirable. Be classy, and take the high road. Here is the suggestion: The first time you see his eyes wander or notice his attention drawn to another woman, make it clear that you see him noticing another woman and that you would appreciate it if he would stop.  

Tell him you find it amusing and wonder what that other person’s story is. If you catch him doing it a second time, whether on the same date or on a different night, call him on it. If it happens a third time, tell him, “I don’t think you’ve caught me looking at one of the number of men who have checked me out during our dates. So, do me a favor, don’t let me catch you checking out other women again. Thanks.” If this has become a consistent pattern, you truly need to stick your chest out and ready to face the inevitable. You’ve either turned him off or not able to keep his attention. If he continues to let his eyes wander, cut your losses and move on.

Note: Gyna Jean-Pierre is a creative writer. She is the author of several essays on women in the Caribbean. She lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

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