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RoseWhen I first laid my eyes on you,

I lost my sense of breathing.

You were like an Adonis from the Greek times.

That was how handsome I found you.

As my eyes ravished you,

You looked at me and gave me that smirk that will forever engrave in my heart.

But as the timid girl I was, I shied away.

Whenever our eyes would cross path,

That smirk of yours would always be there.

Oh! How I wish we could talk.

But my shyness prevented me from acknowledging you.

Deep inside, I was dying to hear your voice.

Day by day, I live to see you.

To gaze into your oceanic eyes.

To see that smirk once more.


One day, as our eyes met, you thought I was saying hi to you.

But when in fact it was to the person next to you.

Oh! How I felt bad, remembering that heart stopping smile you gave me.

 When you thought I was finally going to acknowledge you, but alas, it was not so.

From that moment on, I promised to rid myself of my shyness. But you were nowhere in sight.

Until finally I saw you.

My heart leaped with joy, but was soon overshadowed by sorrow.

For by your side was another.

Oh, how I wish it was me.

Jealousy and anger course through my vein,

But in that head of mine, I thought it was too late. Or was it?

As I was walking back to my sanctuary,

There you were, waiting for me.

Looking into your face, I was grace not with your famous smirk.

But with a dazzling smile that left me weak.

With joy in my heart, I smile back.

For finally, I would get to say it.. Hello!

And “Hello” did I say.

Your oceanic eyes lit up like fire, and that infamous smirk of yours came back.

You gazed at me but my eyes were on your gorgeous luscious lips that were saying “Helloo”!

I’m sure we both wondered, “Why did we take so long?”

When all along our eyes told our stories

A story of Endless love……….


Claire Bijou 10/10/14

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