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Happy Valentine’s Day!

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Do you ever imagine how the world would look like without the magic of love? But sometimes, we are so deeply rooted in our materialistic thinking that this magical word seems to have lost its meaning. There are times, a feeling of guilt is ushered up. It brings with it a humble moment of embarrassment. We’re quickly reassured once we remember that we have this awesome DAY to retrieve lost and forgotten, but precious times.

What is the first word that always comes to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day? You bet, the word is undoubtedly Love. It can be an elusive price, but it is surely something that we all crave and need, and at times wish for. Experts say that if you have fallen in love, go all out to express your heart’s desire to your valentine. Lay out all the thoughts on a valentine card and express them to her with meticulous utterances. On this day of love and remembrance, let her know that you truly care, even if it is a little white lie.

Don’t wait until you wholeheartedly feel the fire inside to start expressing your true feelings. If you think she is the one, but you’re not entirely sure because of some recalcitrant feelings that keep pinning you down, engage the feelings as a way of investing your mind in something you know that is good for you. A love letter with romantic love quotes is even better. It will have a personal touch and create a fairytale romance that will resonate deep into the deepest fibers of her soul. Uttering out cute valentine messages when you are together would add all the “mush”.

Of course, your Valentine’s Day becomes incomplete without a Valentine’s Gift—the petits chocolates à la patte de noisette, the favorite restaurant where perhaps you made your first proposal—this unforgettable déclaration d’amour.

And if you have the means, propose her with a quaint diamond ring. She will surely say “Yes”. But if your wallet is not strong enough to help you make this move, a romantic ballad under the starry sky and the glittering moon can do the trick. Overall, do whatever you think is necessary to bring reassurance or the rejuvenation to what may have been a dormant relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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