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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

From CSMS Magazine Staff
Certainly, this is one of the best times of the year. In North America today, millions will gather around the dinner table to savor, one more time, a multitude of special dishes. But it is also a time to remember and to offer a sympathetic hand to the disenfranchised. While we close ranks as families, it doesn’t hurt to take a humble glimpse at those around the world whose lives are as hellish as ever. Slum dwellers in Haiti, crippled families in Syria and in Sub-Saharan Africa are some of the examples of how life can quickly change for the worse. Think and act on their behalf. The mere fact you have them in mind, it’s already a giant step. Let’s make the best of it today.

Don’t forget to hit the gym tomorrow first thing to cleanse the body from all the unwanted fat components the holiday dishes carry with them. On behalf of the entire CSMS Magazine, we wish you a happy and jolly Thanksgiving!

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