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Happy New Year 2016!

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The wishes seem endless. We hope they’re true and bear the message of hope that we all need to brace for whatever may be in store for us in the upcoming New Year. Well, our message is pure and is from the deepest fibers of our souls.

It’s been a tumultuous year—2015—but our editorial line, as you can see, has never deviated from its course. Educating our readers so that they can be empowered to understand complex problems of society is our first and foremost task. There’s no reason to believe we will change course just because it’s a new year. Those who hold the reins of power do not intend to relinquish their heavenly prize just because a new year has made its way into our perturbed world. Equally so, the struggle MUST continue!   

Happy and prosperous New Year!  

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