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CSMS Magazine Staff writersOn behalf of the entire staff of CSMS Magazine, the editorial board wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year. We know we are far from being perfect in the job that we do every day. But as we thrive toward this ultimate goal, we know that we may never get there for perfection is a relative term, and absolute perfection is as elusive as chasing a moving snowball in the Alaska heartland. We begin the New Year, however, with an utmost optimism that 2008 will be more constructive than 2007.   We are encouraging you to continue to support the work that we do, for it is because of your sincere and uncompromising support that we’ve become what we are today: A viable magazine devoted to preaching cross-cultural awareness and social justice. Our gratitude also goes out to our diehard contributors across the globe. Without them our success could not have been possible.  May all of your New Year’s resolutions come true. WE LOVE YOUALL!HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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