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Happy Holidays!

CSMS Magazine Newsletter

 We hope the departing year was interesting and fruitful for all of our readers. In case it was not, we still have the upcoming year to turn our dreams to realities. The truth is that life is a perpetual invention or recreation of dazzling things that each of us would forever want to be part of. Among them is reading or writing, depending on what one feels more comfortable with.  If we want to believe the number of hits we have received this year, we can safely say that our work does bring joy or some interest to many; and that has immensely pleased our staff members. This month brings CSMS Magazine within striking distance with the historical threshold of 100,000 hits. I think it’s a remarkable achievement. However, we are far from being an unshakable institution. But your continued support is vital to the success of our endeavor.Finally, while we are spending this unforgettable moment right in the comfort of our own homes surrounded by our loved ones, let us remember those for whom a decent, peaceful and promising future remains a distant dream. Whether it is in the hellish slums of Baghdad, the snowy mountains of Central Asia or the shantytowns of Haiti where life is a constant nightmare, we should remember those men, women and children living in infinite fear, hopelessness and abject poverty.  Merry Christmas and Happy Year!CSMS Magazine Staff Writers www.csmsmagazine.orgTo all of our readers, CSMS Magazine is proposing some important books for the season. These books have been placed on our Reviewer’s choice list. They are:1)      It Took My Breath Away by Andrew Robbins. Produced by Bookman Publishing.2)      Love, Lust & Loss by Patrick Sylvain. Edition Mémoire D’encrier.3)      Alicia Maldonado: A Mother Lost by Ardain Isma. Produced by iUniverse.4)      Istwa Pwezi Kreyol by Michel-Ange Hyppolite. Produced by Educa Vision Inc.5)      Follitudes by Constant. Edition Pages Folles.All of these books can be purchased at all online bookstores (from Barnes & Nobles to Borders Books etc..) Please, visit www.csmsmagazine.org Go to the Book Review section to read a review. Plus, there are tons of other interesting articles to read. Remember to stay healthy and safe!

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