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Happy Flag Day!

flag d2CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Today is the day to remember the sacrifices made by our forefathers to give us this flag that constitutes the sacred symbol of who we are as a nation. This flag, which represents a union between all Haitians, has long ceased to maintain the essence of what our ancestors wanted. Our country has never been so divided, and the forces of evils are at the driver seat, commandeering Haiti down the path to economic stagnation, to humiliation, and, if we do not join hands to put a stop into it, they will lead the land of Dessalines to the dreaded path of destruction.

Brothers and sisters, this year let’s make our beautiful 18 Mai a moment to ponder our next move in our quest to rid Haiti from the grip of its enemies. For too long, our naiveté has been used, misused and abused. It is now the time to stamp our feet and stick our chest out to gather the might necessary to break free. They will not be allowed to take Haiti to the auction block, selling our wonderful children, our beautiful women and all natural resources hidden beneath the soil of a land our forefathers fought so hard to achieve. While we’re celebrating Flag Day, remember that our celebration will bear no meaning if we sit idle and do nothing.

Haiti MUST live on, for it was never destined to perish!

We love you all!

Happy Flag Day!  

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