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Happy Father’s Day!

fathers aBy Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Although not overwhelmingly venerated as we do for our mothers, Father’s Day is as equally as important. I have been a father for many years, now. I think what makes a man a father is not because he has been fortunate enough to have children, but because he has had the courage, the devotion and the love necessary to raise his children, like millions of other fathers do. A father is by no means the ultimate ruler of the family. In becoming a father, he has assumed the shared leadership of an institution (the family) with the holistic role of empowering its children with the humility, the wherewithal, the education, the survival instinct they need to acquire the grasp of human behavior in a cruel world that is becoming ever crueler.   

Failure to do so, a father has also relinquished his God-given role of change agent of society, and therefore deserves no respect in the eyes of others in this regard. Children were never asked to be born, but they represent the perfect insurance policy in the quest to secure the long and solid chain of human existence.  We understand many have conceived children in the wedlock, but because of unforeseen circumstances of life, the union fell apart. This could in no way mean the long anticipated exit to walk away from fatherhood.

Today, let us celebrate those who never deviated from their task of fathering. Our children, who represent tomorrow’s leaders of our society, need us more than ever. CSMS Magazine commends you and salutes YOU!     

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