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Haiti’s situation: Precarious as ever

woundedaJacob Davis

CSMS Magazine

The “Carnaval” debacle earlier this month has once again exposed the raw precariousness of Haiti and the unfading shadow of death that is ever-present, following every human being of that Caribbean nation.  The gruesome pictures of lifeless bodies dumped on the floor of a hospital morgue are just enough to make one’s stomach churning. The government can only give a token response to the tragedy. I watched the video posted on YouTube—several times on slow motions—in order to get an educated understanding of how it happened.

A musician on a stand was hit by a hot electrical wire. The shock instantly knocked him down over partygoers, dancing in the street below, creating a stampede which resulted into many dead and wounded. Simple safety precautions could have prevented these senseless deaths. But in Haiti, safety has never been the main priority for those who are supposed to be responsible. Haitian authorities are good for one thing: panhandling to make profits off the name of Haiti’s misery. I bet this latest tragedy will be used to fill their personal lots even more. Shame on them!  

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