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Haiti’s election masquerade: Sweet Micky is the clear winner

micky1CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Just as we predicted it last week, the enemies of Haiti have once again staged another electoral coup. Since October 25th, they have been tergiversated with the votes, spreading false rumors, postponing results and finally hoodwinking the very people they claim to love “so much.” When the results were released late this afternoon, it was confirmed that Sweet Micky’s stooge Jovenel Moise as the top vote-getter with 32.81 % followed by Jude Celestin 25.27 %. Coming at a distant third is Moise Jean-Charles who wins roughly 14% –the man who just recently was agreed to be the most popular politician in Haiti.

According to the Haitian constitution, to win outright, a candidate must get at least 50% plus one of the votes. In this case, none of the candidates have clinched the magic number. Consequently, a runoff will be scheduled, presumably between Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin. Although Moise is Martelly’s candidate, a Celestin’s win will do no harm to the departing Haitian president who bears a filthy record worthy of criminal prosecutions under normal circumstances.       

Aristide and his remnant of Lavalas are the big losers. He was betting on Maryse Narcisse to stage a comeback. Maryse Narcisse was awarded only 7% of the pie.  The other candidates were used as mulches that framed the Martelly-Clinton-charade, including the OPL candidate Sauveur Pierre-Etienne who was given just a little under 2 percent. He now stands at 1.93%.

As we’re writing this short piece, reports out of Port-au-Prince have shed a pretty ugly picture of what’s forthcoming. According CSMS Magazine correspondent in the Haitian capital Yves Duchenne, shortly after the announcement, thousands poured to the streets in protest of another vote rigging. In the city’s northwest section of Delma, one of Moise Jean-Charles security guards was gunned down. Heavily armed men were seen patrolling the streets there. Around Downtown Port-au-Prince, lots of guns have been distributed. Up until now, it is unclear who was behind the distribution. In Cap Haitien, the country’s second largest city, it was reported several dead as many in the population took to the streets in protest.

As we have said, in Haiti, voters don’t elect presidents, foreign interests do. Read this article: Haiti: Moise Jean-Charles swings against Martelly’s wall . Until Haitians are ready to take matters into their own hands, lackeys like Sweet Micky and others will always be recruited to rule their lives. Enough is enough!     

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  1. Do you know who Moise Jean Charles is? The popularity of a person in a devastated country and the election of someone that appears to be popular is based on  one major aspect. He robs  the people’s lands, he co-distributes or sells what he calls lands to the people , lands of Haitians who lived overseas that they believe do not want to return to Haiti. The people, based on their lack of resources, are happy to take over lands, such as ours in another City, in the ” Nord Ouest “.

    The youth of Haiti, having reached the high puberty age, desperate and jaleous of what others have , will vote for the Candidate that will give them Lands that other Haitians have either inherited, bought or kept to one day hope to retire or die in their own Country. 
    Moise has done it in Cap-Haitien .

    Are we dreaming of a Democracy where what is no mine, if the Candidate vows to do so, and tell the constituents that it will be yours. He says that he loves the People?

    The result is overpopulation, no control of some that believe that everyone is important  as long as they are born. If I am born in a poor and underdeveloped country and expect to have a child for whatever reason, i must be able to educate, feed and take care of that child and create a productive member for a society desperate for great black men that are proud and ready to build and love their country. 

    Syria is a sad example of what o people do when they do not look at the future of their country. During the time of war , hunger and fears, the women still populated the county with babies, children and now moved out of their country because of fear of war while the war existed for a few years., they all used the same ideology that America has shown to the world, we will take care of all babies, because they are “Lives.” Why do we still have so many children in the USA , that are hungry?
    The world is unable to tell the truth to the Populations of the World , the raw truth, because if not  we will suffer from a disastrous future especially when the resources are getting limited day after day.

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