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Haitian singer Jean-Jean Roosevellt, an international sensation

Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

New Haitian sensation Jean-Jean Roosevelt was the special guest at the late afternoon news hour on France 2 yesterday.  He spoke candidly about his native land of Haiti. Journalist Patrick Simonin interviewed him.  Jean Jean Roosevelt won the gold medal for best singer last month during the Francophonie games held in Nice, France, beating Lebanese singer Sae Lis and Rwandan singer Benegihanga to go on and win it outright. It was a great joy for Haitians across the world. Eighteen artists from many Francophone countries including Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Switzerland, Canada, Rwanda participated.

Yesterday, Jean-Jean spoke about his ordeals during the earthquake in 2010 and his optimism for a new tomorrow. Jean-Jean is a young artist full of hope with an empowered confidence, ready to conquer the world. He sang two of his songs from his new release Y a Danger. So, Jean-Jean Roosevelt is our artist of the week. Let’s watch this video clip:

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