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Haiti: The stooges are feeling the pinch!

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Port-au-Prince—Haitians are very resilient with impeccable, survival skills. But sometimes, patience wears off and skills of survival no longer matter. The recent demonstrations in Haiti bear the trademark of a people whose train of patience has run out of steam. This is the terminus! Even the most docile being, when cornered, can angrily act or react.

The neo-Duvalierists have been in a triumphant mood ever since they dealt the fatal, political blow to former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide during the last electoral masquerade. They have been crisscrossing Haiti, seeking legitimacy through false promises with the same old mischievous calculus: “Don’t worry. Be happy.” Obviously, in Machiavellian politics, lying is not an everlastingly undertaking. At some point, reality will catch up with you. The people of Haiti know damn well this unspoken truth: The dew can reign only before sunrise. It is in treacherous pathways that wild horses are captured.

At the source of this new burst of outrage is a 2.2 billion-dollar national budget scheme crafted by Jovenel Moïse and his cronies. This is the latest insult taken out of their deceptive playbook. Disturbing fee hikes for those who need a passport, property ownership and other forms of tax-collecting regulations are crept into the so-called national budget—in subtle, Alibaba fashion.  All of this is being conspired against a population completely disenfranchised.

This budget swindle must be ratified by the Haitian Parliament, and to hoodwink recalcitrant parliamentarians hungry for money, “the budget includes a 74 percent boost in salaries, cars, staff and travel per diem for members of parliament. Also in the budget is a new tax to be levied on Haitian citizens before they can access government services. The amount — 10,000 gourdes or $159 annually, depending on the exchange rate — was also being required of Haitian living abroad.” (Miami Herald 9/12)

Understandably, angry demonstrators swelled the streets last week, setting cars ablaze, busting windows and pelting riot police with rocks. It appears former presidential candidate Moïse Jean-Charles is the new visage leading the charge. According to CSMS Magazine Port-au-Prince correspondent Yves Duchet, this new surge of anger may be just the beginning. More demonstrations are scheduled for this weekend. Is this the end of the road the parasitic hoodlums?

Haitians are tired. They can no longer wait. Patience has reached its limit. They’re facing two hard choices: Being scooped up to die of starvation or standing up to villains or malefactors.  It’s time for action. Coons are coons, less than buffoonish characters. That is precisely what they are, beside their crude and vulgar way of pillaging whatever is left of the country’s resources. It’s time to sweep them off stage—the stage of shame for every Haitian whose blood of Dessalines continues to run through their veins.

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