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Gessy Nataly: An upcoming new artist

By Christine Jean-PierreCSMS Magazine Staff WriterA major rumor has been in circulation in South Florida for same time. Gessy Nataly will be in town. Many radio commentators, specializing in Caribbean music, love to comment on the famous zouk artist like Jocelyn Deloumeaux, Harry DuBoulla, Sonia Dersion etc… But lately, Gessy Nataly has been in the mind of most commentators. That has fired up most of zouk fans, especially Gessy’s fans. “She is one of my favorite artists,” said David Allexis, a customer from Compa City, a popular record store in North Miami.                 Gessy Nataly was born and raised in Saint Spirit, Martinique. She began her career with her first album Bassac created by zouk-famed producer Philipe Pauryez in 1998. The album had little success in the Caribbean music charts. Then in 1999 she released her second album Koesionproduced by Alberiac Louison. In the album, she released three singles with little success in the charts. In 2002, with new producers and a new record company, she comes out with her third album Year Nou Travels with new producers Patrick Andrey and Jim Rama of zouk groupFace à Face. The album was so successful with the first single Of Fi that it won best single of 2002 by RCI Martinique.            In 2005 Gessy Nataly rejoined with Patrick Andrey and Jim Rama to create her latest album Tentation. The album spanned off hit singles such as An za pale baw and Personne ne saura. The album reached the top West Indies music charts, and plus receiving the nomination of the best single award of 2005 by RNJ Antilles Radio.            Rumors have surfaced that Gessy Nataly was seen in Miami at the famous Millennium ballroom, where she performed with zouk artists such as Misty Jean, Leila Chicot, and Christianne Valejo for the celebration of the anniversary of their record company Section zouk records. In the party, she performed a melody of all her hit singles from her first album to her latest album.            Gessy Nataly is a remarkable zouk artist with a beautiful voice. Her success has the potential to expand for many years to come. With an impeccable new vibe, her career has really taken off, and many observers and music critics are comparing her to legends like Edith Lefel and Tanya St. Val.NoteChristine Jean-Pierre is our new staff writer. She is a senior at Florida Atlantic University. She covers Caribbean cultures and music. She lives and works in Jupiter, near West Palm Beach, Florida.Also see Whatever happened to famed Zouk singer Lea Galva?

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