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Fighting obesity is crucial to a long and healthy life

By Maryse Isma

 Special to CSMS MagazineObesity has become an alarmist epidemic in most industrial societies, especially in the United States. If not treated, it can lead to major health problem. In this article, Maryse Isma brings some tips to help you fight this major disorder. 

Lifting Weight to Lose Weight

 Sometimes you have to lift weight to lose it. Surprising findings have pointed to an apparently overlooked benefit of weight training. It helps curb cravings for fatty foods. Research at Brigham Young University showed that in a 12-week program of three-times-a-week weight lifting, subjects had voluntarily cut back their intake of fat by 30%, when compared with a group in the study that did stretching exercises instead of weight lifting. To get the full effects, the program should include about 10 exercises of 10 repetitions each, working up to four sets of these exercises after four sets of these exercises after four to six weeks.

Safe, Mindful Appetite Suppressant

 Some obese men and women snack and eat excessively out of anxiety, not hunger. (Many skinny folks do, too.) But a program at the famed Duke University weight-loss clinic has won praise for its two-part, drug free approach to weight loss. Obese clients at the clinic first learn relaxation strategies, including deep breathing and visualization to quiet their minds. You could do the same in 5 to 10 minutes a day at home. After clients master these relaxation techniques, the clinic then releases the scent of apricot oil every time they practice the technique, so that scent and peaceful feelings become linked. When they leave the clinic, clients carry a vial of the oil with them—and take a sniff whenever anxiety sets in. Also, you may do just as well with citrus scented or other oils, as long as they don’t promote hunger pangs.

Spicing Up a Weight-Loss Plan

 Spice is nice. As an adjunct to structured weight-loss plans, try adding mustard seed, cayenne pepper or other fiery spices to your meals. There is evidence that the peppers speed metabolism, which makes your body burn more calories. Plus, you’ll drink more water, which will help you feel sated faster so you’ll eat less.Also see Important tips to fight General Environmental Allergies

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