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Featuring P-Jay in “Fok mwen ale”

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

This week in profile, we put P-Jay in display. He is one of the most prolific artists out there working tirelessly to usher Rap-Creole to the world stage. P-Jay, like most of his peers in this new movement led by young Haitian-American entertainers, is committed to bridging the gap between hip hop and rap Creole. The style is fairly new, but the energy, the belief and the beauty is profoundly real.  The goal here is to get Rap-Creole to the same echelon of Reggaeton, for these artists are well-versed in English. Crossing over would be the easiest things to do.

This song Fok Mwen Ale or “I have to go” is featured in the artist new album titled Plim Pam or “My own pen.” Questioning on the title, P-Jay says that it is his own way of expressing himself. “My pen is my weapon,” he tells his interviewer. The interview can be found on You Tube. Of course, the pen is not only P-Jay’s main tool of expression; his microphone is one of his sharpest tools, also.

He is charming, and when he is rapping, he seems to be sitting on top of the world.  Since posted on You Tube back in March of this year, the video has already been viewed more than one hundred and fifty thousand times.  So, let’s watch the video:


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