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Emerie Tammy speaks from the soul

emerieaCSMS Magazine

Young and charming model, Emerie Tammy, wants to tell her fans that she also has other talents. The poem below is a testament to this fact. One must say that she is breaking new frontiers, noticeably, in the world of poetry. Tammy, whose interview in this magazine was critically acclaimed, is an intelligent young lady from Nigeria with a promising future in the world of showbiz and in literature. The poet speaks from the soul in the poem below, which explains the depth of her thinking. It is titled Silhouette.




You’re beautiful.

You’re the queen of the seven seas.

Your eyes captivate my soul.

In your arms, I plead to be.

Oh! Let me feel the tenderness of your skin.

Let me drink from your lips.

I’m thirsty.

Let me be your slave.

Let me be your captive,

For I am empty without you.

Come close.

Let me bread in the soft scent of your perfume.

Make my heart wonder.

Oh my love, don’t turn away.

If you do, my heart will be broken.

Just take my hands.

Hold me tight.

Stroll with me.

Keep your eyes locked in mine.

Let the rhyme be our guide.

Trust me.

I will never let you fall.

I promise to catch you before any fall.

I promise to keep every moment in my heart.

Let’s dance like we will never have this chance again.

 Emerie Tammy 3/22/2014

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