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Education: Repeated Tardiness

urban classroomaBy Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Continuing with the classroom management issue, I have written this scenario, but I also like to have your opinion.


No, you have to go get a pass from administration,” affirms Mrs. Wallingford, an ASL teacher at North Miami Senior High.

Why?” asks Johnny the Spider, wearing a black beret. Two of his friends stand next to him as bodyguards, facing Mrs. Wallingford. Huge droplets of sweats stream down their oily faces. Their folders are in complete rags.  

“Because you’re late, and this isn’t the first time. Besides, I don’t even know where you just came from,” replies Mrs. Wallingford. Her voice grows firm.

“Please, let us go in. We were the last ones to be served at the cafeteria.”

“Where is the pass?”

“We forgot to ask for one,” Spider claims, turning to his friends as if looking for approval. The other boys nod positively.

“I’ve had enough of this. Today, you can’t come in without a pass from the front office.”

“Please, Mrs. Wallingford,” Spider begs.

“I need to start teaching,” Mrs. Wallingford says in a firm tone of voice. She then shuts the door, which infuriates Spider who starts kicking the door with his boots and hitting the windows.

How would you help Mrs. Wallingford curb the problem of tardiness in her class?

Note:Dr. Ardain Isma teaches Cross-Cultural Studies and Education at University of North Florida (UNF). He is a veteran educator and World Language for the Duval County Public Schools. He is the Chief Editor for CSMS Magazine. He may be reached at: publisher@csmsmagazine.org

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