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Education is key to success in life!

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Education is key to any success in life, not just academic success. It is a fact. Someone may be rich or may inherit wealth from deceased parents. If mismanaged, everything can quickly dwindle; and if the beneficiary is not up to the level of making sound and educating decisions, he will certainly find himself living in the city of “Too Late.” This is a scenario where someone was in the possession of a lot of wealth. Imagine you had nothing to begin with and you had no formal education?

For those of us who struggle to survive every day, we stand a chance to live in the fringe forever, unless we’re willing to make the sacrifice of going to school and graduate. And remember, if you are a minority, it is not just enough to be average. You have to stand out. So my friend, empower yourself with education. Knowledge is priceless.

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  1. Nonsense. Just more rah rah for keeping kids in school, then onto college where they can become economically enslaved with student loan debt.

  2. There are many ways to get an education and many different types of schools. The point is that a skill is necessary in order to earn a decent living.

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