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Ebony Queen

ebonyShe is like a beauty from ancient times

An imaginary queen but yet real

How I love to gaze at her beauty

Her walnut eyes bring forth my soul

Her small pink lips make me wonder

Her smile melts my heart

Her ebony skin is like silk, tempting to touch

She is the definition of an angel

Yet I’m like a fathom to her

She sees me, yet does not see me

If only she knew what she does to me!

But if she ever knew,

Would she grace me of her presence?

Would she let me hear her velvet voice?

I’m just one in a million

My chances are not high

Yet I want her to notice me

What would I do to hold her in my arms?

Make her fall in love with me

But all this are just wistful wishing

Try as I might, I would always be invisible to her dark brownish eyes

The only thing I can do for now

Is watch from afar hoping that one day

Our eyes will meet and she will see my love for her

And hopefully then I will get to hold my Ebony Queen

                                                            Claire Bijou, 10/23.2014


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