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Dipping into Sin (Part 2)

dipping-into-sinBy Claire Bijou

CSMS Magazine

“She will always be my bella mia… “ “Even after five years of being apart, she still manages to affect me in more ways than one. Everything about her caused every part of my body to ache with need. As I tried to recall the last time a woman had stirred me to no control, Simone’s face appeared like a flashing sign. As much as I tried to part ways with my feelings for her, I just couldn’t. Seeing her at Donald Spillmore’s wake confirmed the undying fact…I’m still in love with my bella mia.  But still, five years ago, I vowed to stay away from her. I needed to ensure that she remained safe. Even if that meant, being without my heartbeat. Yet, even as I made that painful decision, I vowed from that day forward I would avenge the day I had to decide between my bella mia and La Cosa Nostra.”

It was during my sweet vacation in the USA on the month of August that “Dipping into Sin 2” came out. Have you ever had a really tight budget where one wrong move can land you in hot waters? Well, that was my case and the worse was the book only cost $5.99. For some that’s nothing, but for a girl currently on vacation and all pennies are accounted for, it’s a big thing. So what did I do? I suppose you could already guess. I threw all caution to the wind by saying to myself, “GOD will provide the missing amount.” He didn’t disappoint. So, I purchased the book on amazon kindle around 2 am. I stayed all night—until 6 am.

The beginning of the book takes off exactly right after the end of the first volume. In the second book, we see Andriano who is doing everything in his power to keep it all together. At the same time, he is faced with one major betrayal. As the rule of the mafia goes, once you’re betrayed, well it’s definitely over for you. However, the author did an amazing job reuniting the characters.

Yes I’ll tell you that much Andriano did find a way to be with the woman he loved, but the end… the end… you just may have to read it to find out what happened in the end. It’s a shocking end. It’s a major cliffhanger. But the author does not stop there; a third book of the series is currently under way. This time it will be about Andriano cousin “Nicolai” and the book is titled “Loving her in the shadows”. Another title, which I can’t wait to add to my shelves.

So, if you read the first book, I suggest you read the second one. It’s a good read, and, by the way, don’t forget to close your mouth at the end of it.

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