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Dangerous attraction

2417909826_35bb62df2d_oBy Jean-Marie Louisaint

Special to CSMS Magazine

I was the first to be there when things were going bad. I was there when he walked away from you. I was there when you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was there when life seemed the infinite hell. For a while, you appeared quite appreciative—only for a while. As the last traces of clouds faded, melting away, you quickly reclaimed the path that led strangers out of the last vestige of twilight.   Then the glow of dawn reappeared in your life, and I became irrelevant. I was naïve, acting like the gullible child, to think your sympathy was pure, honest, and strategic to my life going forward. I was wrong, totally wrong.

But you know, after few sleepless nights trying to recover from the crush, I came to my senses. It could not have been otherwise. Love is a mutually inclusive endeavor. It cannot be bought or traded. Obviously, you didn’t feel the same way I did, and you were right, and perhaps truly sincere. At least, your actions were unequivocal. I can only wish you a safe and prosperous life. So long, Paulette. May happiness forever feel the deepest end of your heart.

Note: Jean-Marie Louisaint is essayist and a new contributor to CSMS Magazine. He wrote this piece, exclusively for us. He lives and works in suburban Atlanta.

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