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Cuba’s flag floats once more in Washington

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Fifty four years after they bitterly severed their diplomatic relations, The United States and Cuba have embarked upon a new relationship—rocky at best. Today, it is official. The Cuban flag was raised in the U.S. capital  on Monday for the first time since 1961. This symbolic act marked the official reopening, grandiosely executed in the presence of hundreds of high level officials, well-wishers and revolutionaries, including the Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez, who personally raised the flag.

This event was reportedly broadcasted live on Cuban TV. A Cuban delegation of diplomats, artists and veterans of the revolution then commemorated the breakthrough last night with about 500 guests. It was said a few celebratory mojitos and shots of Havana Club rum were at hands.

While the US embassy was officially reopen today, the flag ceremony did not take place. According to the Obama Administration, the US flag will be raised on August 14th when Secretary of State John Kerry travels to Havana. This will make him the highest American official to visit the island since 1945.  

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