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Confused Romance: an article critique

By Borin Tan

Special to CSMS Magazine

In Confused Romance: a woman’s story, one can easily question whether love is mutually shared feelings. Love is sometimes described as an unconditionally shared acceptance which ushers a thrilling desire, an awesome pride to say “he is my man, my husband” or “she is my woman, my wife.” In this story, Theresa presented her relationship in a rather confused way, which makes her feel like a silent sufferer in a relationship that is nothing but a source of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

The story begins with Theresa, the author, describing how she is deeply in love with her husband. They have 2 beautiful children. Her husband is a wonderful father, but she still wonders if he truly loves her. “Is he just trying to keep his status as a husband and father or is he trying to prove to society that he is a family man?” Theresa inquires.

Her husband has little affairs with other women and always tries to hide them, but she personally lets it go. “When others see us, they think we have a perfect marriage,” Theresa says. She goes on to say that this is the image he [her husband] tries to portray to everyone who knows them—the perfect couple. All this is just a façade—sometimes she wonders. He is a decider, deciding on everything—from real estate deals to Wall Street’s investments.

However, Theresa wants the world to know that she is not sitting idle. She wants to fight this all the way. “I’m not a housewife,” she says, “I’m a working professional woman.”  She also wants to let her husband know how she feels about him. Let’s hope her husband finds a copy of the article.

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. She is not going to do anything foolish to destroy her relationship with her husband. At the end of the story, she mentions that only God knows what is behind her marriage.

I agree that communication is the key, but she should speak to her husband in private, although I understand she publishes the article to give comfort to other women out there who might be suffering from the drama. Overall, the article is enjoyable. I took pleasure reading it.


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