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Colette, do I truly deserve this?

coletteaBy Gyna Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

I can’t help but to keep remembering our wild adventures. Our moonlight promenades.  If only I could relive those unforgettable moments. I was young and life seemed endless. You used to tell me that our love was forever intertwined. And I believed you. Times have changed. So has your heart, with all that it meant to me. Colette, tell me. Is it for real? You went off with a stranger, after he promised to give you Jesus in Paradise. I thought you told me our love was priceless? Whatever happened to our vow? We swore to hold each other’s hands until death do us part. Remember our first kiss, our first smile, our first touch. These days, my nightmarish nights prove to be hell on earth. But I have hope. I know that someday I will eventually overcome my gloom, my fear and ultimately what seems to be my eternal despondency. So long!

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