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Christine Jean-Pierre is indeed Ardine Isma

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

She has been reporting on Afro-Caribbean music for years—since her high school years, to be precise. Ardine or Ti-dou, intimately called by her parents and siblings, chose to use a penname because she wanted to disassociate her talent as a writer with the little girl—daddy’s girl—that most of her peers used to tease her back in high school.

Ardine is now a young woman in her own right, a university student, who despite her college obligations, refuses to deviate from writing and editing. “Christine suits me well, and I’ll leave it as such,” she said this morning on her way to school, planting a kiss on her mother’s forehead while answering a question. Her mother inquired about her alias “Christine.” Though born and raised in the United States, the Caribbean beat seems to have ran deep in her veins, and Ardine knows pretty much every one of the famous Konpa/Zouk artists.

After graduation this year, Ardine plans on pursuing another degree in creative writing so, in her words, “I could be a novelist, another voice for our Caribbean literature.” Her cousin Gyna Jean-Pierre, who is also a staff writer here at CSMS Magazine well versed in both English and French, guides Ardine along the path to creative writing. Let’s not forget that her dad, Dr. Ardain Isma, is an affluent writer and university professor. More pictures of Ardine Isma can be found on our Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/csmsmagazine

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