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Cauliflower Risotto: an interesting recipe

By Jennifer EmersonSpecial to CSMS MagazineThere is no doubt about it. Its deliciousness is like no other, but not everyone seems to notice. Cauliflower is not well loved as much as the other vegetables. Precisely, that is what makes this recipe so unique.  However, not all cauliflower can do it. One needs to look for Romanesco cauliflower while shopping at the farmers’ market. It is about the same size of the normal cauliflower, but it is spiky and green. “The reason I love this dish is because it takes some all-time classic ingredients and puts them together in a great way. In Britain we normally eat cauliflower baked with cheese, and in Italy it baked as a parmigiana with cream, cheese, and anchovies. All these flavors in this risotto, with the added bonus of really crunchy chile pangrattato sprinkled on top—it gives an amazing kick, says Geminata Green, a restaurant chef.The recipe

Serves 6

 2 handfuls of stale bread, torn into pieces1 small can of anchovies, oil from can reserved3 small dried red chilesExtra virgin olive oil1 cauliflower1 risotto bianco (recipe follows)A handful of chopped fresh parsleySea salt and freshly ground black pepperParmesan cheese, for gratingWhiz the bread in a food processor with the anchovies, the oil from, and the chiles. Heat a frying pan with a splash of oil and fry the flavored breadcrumbs, stirring and tossing constantly until golden brown.Trim the coarse leaves off the cauliflower and cut out the stalk. Chop the nice inner part of the stalk finely. Start making your riosotto bianco, adding the chopped cauliflower stalk to the pan with the onion and celery at Stage 1. Add the cauliflower florets to your pan of hot stock.Continue to follow the basic recipe, adding the stock bit by bit until the rice is half-cooked. By now the cauliflower florets should be quite soft, so you can start to add them to the risotto with stock, crushing them into the rice as you go. Continue until the rice is cooked and all the cauliflower has been added.At Stage 4, when you add the butter and Parmesan, stir in the parsely, taste, and season. Sprinkle with the anchovy pangrattato, grate some more Parmeasan over the top, and serve.So, as summer approaches, one needs to begin to add new creativity to his/her recipe list. Remember, diner parties, outdoor recreations won’t work well unless we have what’s needed to make the moment one to always remember.Also see Greek salad or Village salad: It’s worth trying itBlueberry Meringue TartsEating right is all that matters, not how muchHave you tried grilled turkey burgers with avocado mayonnaise?Chipotle Grilled Chicken with Avocado SalsaNote: Jennifer Emerson lives and works in Palo Alto, California. She teaches Home Economics at a Middle School there.

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