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Carl Fombrun: Flamboyant As Ever

By Yvon Lacroix, CSMS staff writerMiami, Florida–With all the nightmarish elements that exist in industrial societies, few people live their lives to the fullest, among those who are fortunate enough to make it to their seventies. But Carl Fombrun is, without a shred of doubt, one of the more fortunate ones. At seventy-two, by all accounts, Fombrun sits at the zenith of his social and professional life. A jovial personage with an irreverent wit, his existential itinerary leaves him no room to think about aging. He has both his own radio and television shows, from which he commands a respectable audience numbered in the thousands. Fombrun’s silhouette can be spotted in all major social gatherings in the community—from academic to political. “Mr. Fombrun is one of the most respected professionals with whom I have ever dealt. He is prompt, and he always keeps his word,” says Mr. Woodring Saint-Preux, a young Haitian entrepreneur who’s directing his own high-tech company out of South Miami. “I can’t miss his daily rubric, which contains a variety of information pertinent to me,” affirms Martine Legrand, an account executive from Weston, a western suburb of Broward County.Indeed, there is a lot to learn from the daily newsletter that Carl Fombrun publishes—it covers nearly everything: book reviews, political analyses and social service announcements. On top of that, he has just inaugurated a new website that includes, among many other things, an impressive archive of historical documents that were previously published in his aforementioned newsletter. Published in four languages, rare interviews and classic book reviews are to be routinely found on this website.Not too long ago, an important conversation between Maryse Condé and Aimé Césaire, two Martinique legends in the literary world, was nicely presented in the newsletter—something that many of the subscribers couldn’t stop bragging about. The many praises that followed the day after the release of the conversation could speak for themselves. That has clearly demonstrated the depth of Carl’s popularity, and the role his work is playing in the enhancement of learning.“He who reads, leads,” goes the old saying. It is a principle that has long been the cornerstone of Carl Fombrun’s many lectures, for he is a fervent advocate for a decent and top-quality education. That can be confirmed by the distinguished guests that his viewers and his listeners have the privilege to savour on his shows. Guests like Dr. Ardain Isma, President of the Institute of Multicultural Studies in Florida, and Jean Miotel Casthely are only a few from a long list of well-educated people who’ve frequented his shows–and also relished them as in-depth educational experiences.Last year, when everyone thought that Carl Fombrun was about to retire, he surprised everyone by defying the odds to add a new title to his portfolio. Yes, the sensational character of Don Lopez played in the hit new mainstream movie “Lords of Miami” is none other than the indefatigable Carl Fombrun!“Carl has the potential at the young age of seventy-three to take on Hollywood, and possibly to pick up where another great legend left off,” says a Lakay Magazine editorial. The movie “Lords of Miami” was released this last February.Will Carl ever slow down? It is highly unlikely that’s going to happen anytime soon. “As long as the public continues to honor and cherish what I do, I will not stop working on the behalf of my community. That is my way of bringing my own contribution,” confirms Carl to CSMS Magazine.Keep it up, Carl!

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