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Canadian author D.B. Mcivor joins Ardain Isma in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

In The Conversation today, author D.B. Mcivor is my guest. He’s a Canadian author from Calgary. He’s written his debut novel titled Veytia—the first of a long series born out of the author’s own universe of which he has spent 18 years to create. The novel evolves around two species that have been at war for ages. “Veytia is a world resembling the inside of a box, three lights on the ceiling and what you could call a volcanic landscape, interrupted only by a glowing blue split in the middle of the land, emanating energy that does not allow anyone to come near it,” the author writes.

There are two protagonists—one from each species: the Arzyen (Are-zee-en) and the Brotnim (brought-nim). At the beginning of the story, a vicious war rages among them, but when they face a common enemy, they form a bond to fight the invader.

I asked the author if this is a lesson about the importance of unity he wants to teach the world through this narrative. “Yes, they are forced to live together, but it turns out to be advantageous for everyone involved,” D.B. says.

D.B. speaks with meticulous utterances, and perhaps this can explain why his readership likes him so much. His devotion to writing and his creative way of finding the perfect venue to write can be quite exemplary. He loves nature, and the Canadian picturesque landscape provides such venue.

D.B. thinks this series may contain 6 or 7 books and he has just finished the first chapter of the second book. He also says he is incredibly lucky to find the support that he needs to keep on writing. That support is from his spouse, a key component in the writing journey.

To learn more about D.B. Mcivor, you visit his website. You can also follow him on Twitter.

You can watch the video below.

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