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By Richard PrideNative Americans should be respected

By Richard PrideSpecial to CSMS MagazineIt is understandable that Native Americans might not be pleased with some sports team mascots. Chief Wahoo for the Cleveland Indians does not properly reflect the proud heritage of any of the native groups. His cartoon like appearance is similar to that of a clown, aside from alluding to Native Americans being savages is degrading to the race. This is in sharp contrast to the brave and noble heritage of the Native American people. Even more disturbing is the “hatchet chop” symbolism of the Atlanta Braves baseball fans. The fans make a chopping motion with their hands or with sponge hatchets. They do this while chanting a native sounding chant. The sign clearly portrays a “brave” as a violent, marauding character.      If the New York Yankees had a mascot that portrayed a white man as a murderous character that shows no mercy for his foes, I would not be very impressed. To characterize any race or group of people in a manner that perpetuates stereotypes is wrong, even if it is not intended. Characterizing groups is contrary to the contemporary thinking. As a society, we should avoid any institutional prejudices.NoteThis article is reinforcement to yesterday’s Indian Mascot article. Anyone wishing to comment in the Mascot Debate can send his or her comment to: publisher@csmsmagazine.org

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