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British author Peter Shaun Tyrell speaks with Ardain Isma

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Two weeks ago, I was pleased to sit down with Peter Shaun Tyrell, an author based in Liverpool, England. We talked about his debut novel titled The Oath and Blood Price. It is a fantasy novel in which Peter takes us to the land of Duria which is divided in two: the Borasian States of the Lord Procterates and Novu-Optu of the Godmen. Located in a border state is the town of Scor, where Thalkin, orphan and protagonist, is on the verge of becoming a man yet does not know his way in life. Trust and friendship are distant concepts to him, but betrayal and resentment have always been his close companions.

I asked Peter if the choice on this fictional land derived from places he has visited in the past. He said it was a combination of several factors. Chief among them was his passion for nature stemmed from his many trips to the country with his family as well as his love for playing videogames.

Peter said he will always be a fantasy writer. Since he was in kindergarten, he was fascinated by this type of genre. When he was 11 years old, a friend gave him a book that truly tied him to fantasy.

The Oath and Blood Price is a trilogy. The author plans on releasing part 2 in December in time for the holidays. If not, he said, it will be January. According to Peter, a lot of people are already asking for part 2.

Peter Shaun Tyrell is an active member of our writing community on Twitter, and he takes pride in supporting his fellow writers, encouraging them to continue in their literature journey. “I can’t imagine a world without literature,” he said while stroking his beard. As he told me, literature can change the world. This is a creed many writers, including me, take to the deepest end of their hearts. The Oath and Blood Price is published in paperback as well as in kindle.

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