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Breaking News: A bloody showdown in the heart of Chicago

protest chicagoaCSMS Magazine

Thousands of people stormed the gymnasium of University of Chicago, calling Bernie! Bernie! It is a bloody clash between supporters and protesters. Police are submerged, and the protesters are adamant in their disdain for Donald Trump who has been fueling hatred throughout his campaign, threatening to deport millions and to throw thousands, if need be, into concentration camps, a clear reminder of pre-Nazi era of the 1930s. It is time for America to wake up to block this vicious attempt by white supremacists, the Klan and other fascists groups who see in Trump a messianic savior sent from “Heaven” or from Hell to rescue their “White” country from an increasingly diverse society that the United States is becoming. They refuse to accept the fact that America is no longer in the mold of the Old Dixie.  Stop Donald Trump, NOW!

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