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Biden’s trip to the Middle East: a success or mishap?

Jacob Davis

CSMS Magazine

President Biden’s overseas trip to the Middle East can be seen different depending on whether you’re watching from home or be part of the traveling press corps observing his every movement and analyzing his every remark as he interacts with world leaders. One of the most noticeable moments of the trip was how warm the relationship between the president and Israelis seems to be. President Biden had met with a group of Holocaust survivors. The survivors were instructed not to touch the president but apparently they disregarded the instructions as they greeted him with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

On the second day of the Israel trip, President Biden received the Israeli medal of Honor. According to the Washington Post, President Biden met with opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday. The two men have stated that “the friendship is between nations, not between individual politicians.” Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the politicians that was closely supported with former president Donald Trump. That was until Netanyahu congratulated Biden on winning the 2020 election. Trump accused him of disloyalty with an expletive-appended statement.

So far what the Biden Administration hopes to gain from this trip is to seek support from all the leaders he meets, including King Salman of Saudi Arabia, to keep the pressure on Russia to end its invasion of Ukraine. The reality of this Presidential trip to many Americans is that this trip is a terrible optics vacation due to the rising of gas prices and Covid-19 pressures. The Covid-19 pressures seem to be a major one due to President Biden doing hugging, shaking hand, and kissing the cheeks of dignitaries and citizens.

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