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Be relentless in the fight against anxiety

By Christine Jean-PierreSpecial to CSMS MagazineFighting anxiety is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this hectic life that we are living, knowing how to bring our anxiety under control is something of utmost importance. Experts agree that anxiety, if not controlled, could lead to depression. Although there are many techniques one could use to combat anxiety, in this article Christine Jean-Pierre has decided to compile some of them here to share with our readers. Needlepoint may relieve stress as well as meditation can. Researchers have found that needlepoint, knitting and other gently repetitive activities break the flow of rapidly changing conscious thought that normally fills our minds. This produces the same effect as meditation, involving lower blood pressure and heart rate, slower breathing and the feeling of calmness, a combination known as relaxation response. Best: Choose an activity you enjoy, spend at least 20 minutes a day on it.

Scents and Sensibility

 Scientific research shows that different scents that work directly on the brain to stir memories, moods and emotions. In fact, some odors actually slow brain wave activity to the alpha range—the same frequency induced during meditation. A few scents to soothe and quiet: vanilla, geranium and bergamot. Just place two or three drops of essential oil on cotton ball, and take a whiff when you’re feeling out of sorts.

Purple Reigns

 Sweet- smelling lavender is a favorite of aroma therapists to ease nervous tension and soothe stressed-out senses. How can you get the benefits? For a relaxation do-it-yourself rubdown, mix two to three drops of essential oil of lavender into a cup of almond oil and massage the solution into your temples and feet. Add a few drops of essential oil—a hot, steamy bath after a day of being hassled at the office. Or take a few deep breaths from a bowl filled with lavender potpourri. Place it on your desk to infuse your office with the relaxing aroma of lavender throughout the day.

Magnesium Therapy

 According to nutritionists, anxiety disorders and susceptibility to emotional upset may be the result of a magnesium deficiency. A simple blood test, administered by your doctor, can diagnose this condition. The prescription? A 400-mg magnesium supplement daily—available at drugstores and health food stores. Also, add some extra servings of foods rich in magnesium to your diet, such as fish, nuts, dried apricots and whole grains.

A Prescription for Calm Confidence

 Severe for calm performance anxiety can be paralyzing. Fortunately, beta-blockers often prescribed by physicians to lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension can help control performance anxiety and keep you calm, cool and collected when used in low doses. For more information on this drug therapy, ask your physician.

On Pins and Needles?

 A visit to an acupuncturist may lift your spirits. Twirling and manipulating needles inserted into various points throughout the body can work to correct energy imbalances that might be the cause of physical and the mental disorders. What are the hot spots? The ear and elbow—two crucial centers of psychological function.Pushing the Right ButtonsJin shin acupressure may provide a release from deeply rooted emotional problems. According to practitioners, the body can physically store an emotional trauma or physically store an emotional trauma or trouble. In performing this type of therapy—using the hands to apply deep pressure to different parts of the body—a professional can provide an emotional release.    Where does a practitioner focus attention? Emotional armor tends to be found around the head, hip, abdominal and chest areas.Also seeWhat You Need to Know About Your Child’s Health Care

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