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B.O.B : a rising star

By Ardain Isma, Jr

Special to CSMS Magazine

Bobby Ray aka B.o.B is one of the few young artists of today’s generation that can take pride in being very diversified. That says a lot because today’s music doesn’t really inspire much. That is what makes Bob even more interesting. He isn’t just your average rapper talking about money, women, liquor, and weed. BOB first of all is more than just a rapper. He’s also a singer, song writer, and instrumentalist, producing and composing his own music. That’s something few artists can do in today’s market.

Born and raised in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur, Ga., Bobby was always aspired to become a successful rapper. He first started rapping at the age of 14, writing rhymes in his notebook. By the time he turned 16, he started to record his songs and posting them on his MySpace music page. One day, he got a call from a representative from Atlantic Records who conveyed his interest in signing him. After a very promising interview with the Label, Bob was signed and had a deal at the age of 18.

He was signed to Atlantics subdivision Grand Hustle Records which is owned and operated by mega star T.I. Already a huge fan of T.I, Bob was ecstatic about the decision. He let off to buzz promo singles in 2008 entitled “Haters Everywhere” and “Cloud 9”. But it wasn’t until his first real single “Nothing on you” was released that Bob found great success in the music world. The song was an international hit going straight to number one on the World music charts. 

Bob had finally made it. His debut album entitled The adventures of Bobby Ray was released on April 27th, 2010 and it debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200 album chart. It was also critically acclaimed, praised for its eclectic sounds and wide range of topics that were discussed on the album. Now at the tender age of 21, Bob is enjoying huge success; but can he keep it? History has shown that artists who start off big can sometimes fall off hard from the radar. But Bobby has shown that he is not just a one-hit wonder. His second single entitled “Airplanes” has just done it again. It is now number one hit. That’s two number 1 ‘s on one album, which is great, especially for  a new artist.

With all this talent this young man has already mastered at the tender age of 21, one can be sure that Bobby Ray will be here for decades to come.

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