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Author Miranda Armstadt this week in “The Conversation”

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Last week, I had a fascinating conversation with romance writer Miranda Armstadt. She has written a compelling novel titled Cut Back to Life. It is a story about a highly respected neurosurgeon who falls in love with one of his patients. The doctor has a lavish lifestyle, dwelling in the frenetic world of Hollywood, but who, despite his position in society, stands ready to risk everything to go for the woman he loves. At the receiving end of that love is his patient Anna, a Hollywood actress whose career hangs in the balance unless she gets better and dimmed fit to go back to work. “And when [the doctor’s] magnetic chemistry hits Anna like a meteor, it doesn’t take Anna long to realize that the doctor holds more than her health in his well-trained hands,” one reads in the novel synopsis.

Miranda was meticulous in describing Anna’s conditions. She said before writing this novel, she had the spinal fusion, Anna’s procedure. To me, this is just one more reason to believe that writers pen stories, create their fictional world based on either their own life experiences or on their ability to understand the world in which they live.

Human’s heart is such a complex thing. Love springs where one least excepts it. “You really trust someone with your mobility, and when it turns out okay, it’s hard not to see him in his heroic light,” Miranda said with an awesome degree certainty. She went on to say that when she started researching for the book, she had found out that “a large number [perhaps 20 percent] of doctors have admitted to having some kind of a relationship with their patients.” This was quite shocking to me, considering how unethical and illegal that is.

This story also shows the true power of love and lust and the vulnerability that comes with it for those who have succumbed to such power, even for a wealthy doctor described in this beautiful narrative. Cut Back to Life is a story full of suspense. Each page is treated with utmost care—a joy to read.

Miranda is currently working on another manuscript—not a romance story this time, although there is romance in it, she told me. It is a historical spy thriller. To learn more about Miranda Armstadt’s works, please visit her website. You can also visit her Twitter page.

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