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Author Cori Nevruz in “The Conversation” this week

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Last week, I had the privilege to sit down for an interesting conversation with Cori Nevruz, an author who lives in Wilmington, a city on the North Carolina coastline. Cori has just published her debut novel titled Dirty Laundry, which was the topic of our conversation. It is a story full of suspense, depicting the life of Samantha, a suburban housewife who finds herself fighting on multiple fronts: anxiety, jealousy, and an overbearing husband who expects the most from her. The bar has been set high for Samantha because her husband not only wants a fashionable wife, but also a wife who has the savoir faire—keeping a spotless home, preparing nice meals, taking care of children to name a few. Her mounting problems and her inability to rise to her husband’s expectations have led her to the dark alley of depression. Feeling besieged, Samantha reveals her “dirty laundry” to a friend. So, the story unfolds….

I asked Cori why she gave the book such an intriguing title. “Samantha’s husband doesn’t want her to talk about their private life to other people… I always heard the same. When you give away too much of your private life, you’re airing your dirty laundry. So, that’s where the title comes from,” she said with a confident smile.

As fiction foreshadows reality, Cori admits part of her fictional story reflects her own personal one as she has “struggled with depression and anxiety, and [she knows] how important it is to address that.” Cori is herself a mother, and like many parents, the stress of raising children can be overwhelming. Dirty Laundry is character-driven, and once you start reading it, you won’t let go until the very last word.

Cori Nevruz is a writer who speaks and writes from the heart, and she is lucky to find support from her husband who is also a writer. Although Dirty Laundry is Cori’s first novel, she is a career writer. Before this novel, she has written eleven children’s books as she told me during our conversation. She has also written another book, and she is currently looking for a publisher.

To learn more about Cori’s works, please visit her website. There, you can also preorder a copy of Dirty Laundry. Also, check out her Twitter page.

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