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Australian author Melisa Quigley is my guest this week in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

This week, Australian author Melisa Quigley is my guest in The Conversation. Few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with her about her debut novel titled The Complexity of Love. It is a story that reflects the daily struggle facing individuals from the LGBT community. Young Mark Cooney grows up mindful of his predicament. He is different from the other boys. It is a difference of which he hopes his parents will never find out.

Mark has a childhood friend. His name is Dave, but he has gone away when he was thirteen. A decade later, Dave returns. They become friends again, but this has come with a price. Hidden secret is about to be revealed. Mark becomes more vulnerable as they get closer.

The story develops from here. Mark goes through a lot—confronting the truth about his family and his identity—to ultimately find love.

Penning a story like this is not easy for most writers, but Melisa seems to have what it takes to write this unbiased narrative. The style as well as the prose speaks for Melisa. She is an intellectual whose works have been published in anthologies in America, Australia, India, and the Philippines.

To learn more about Melisa’s works, you can also visit her website.

You can also follow Melisa on Twitter.

She is also on Instagram.

The Complexity of Love was published by 5310 Publishing

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