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Ardain Isma is poised to release “Midnight at Noon”

ardain in parisBy Jacob Davis

CSMS Magazine

As the clock is ticking ahead of the release of Midnight, this long anticipated novel, novelist Ardain Isma is already hard at work.  This morning, he was on the radio, speaking with Jacques Antoine, radio personality in the Boston area, where Ardain plans on having one of his book signings. Besides his home base of Northeast Florida, several literary activities are being planned for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Paris, and Orlando where preparation for a TV appearance has already been in the works.

Midnight at Noon is without question an enjoyable book to read. It takes the reader to the final frontier, where no Haitian novelist has ever gone before. Midnight is the catalyst, the trigger behind the awakening of the patriotic guilt, the love, the hate and the obtuse divide that has long torn apart the Haitian society. Midnight is class struggle at its purest. It is a revolutionary plea on behalf of the downtrodden of the world where tiny bourgeois minorities stand ready to commit genocide to retain power and wealth. Midnight is a book to read. Below is a sneak preview, a short synopsis. Shhhhhh, be quiet. Don’t tell him I already shared this with you. Midnight is out in 2 weeks.

Note: Jacob Davis is editorialist for CSMS. He may be reached at publisher@csmsmagazine.org

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