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A Year without The King: His Afterlife

By Ardain Isma Jr

Special to CSMS Magazine

It has been 12 long months since the death of Michael Jackson. His presence is even more felt in death than it ever was in life. His death left a void in pop culture that will most likely never be filled.  But if you were to really think about it, it feels like he never left. If you turn on your TV, he’s there; if you turn on the radio, his music is playing on heavy rotation, and MJ is the topic of just about everyone’s discussion. To be more in depth, it feels like Michael Jackson has just released thriller number 2 with all the hype surrounding him.

            His legend will never be eradicated from the minds, and the documentary This Is It helped prove that. The film grossed over 238 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing documentary and concert film of all time. Not only that, in the pass year alone Michael Jackson has sold roughly around 32 millions records worldwide since his passing on June 25th,2009 .  MJ was all over the place last year in the entertainment world—anywhere from commercials, radios, movies, and more.

            The future for Michael Jackson’s afterlife seems like it’s going to get better and better. Sony music has just signed a 200 million dollar recording contract with the Michael Jackson estate that allows it, in collaboration with the estate, to release 10 plus albums and other projects. On top of that, a Michael Jackson dancing video game will be released in time for Christmas as well as a brand new MJ album filled with unreleased materials from the 1999-2009 periods (the last decade of his life). Other plans for Michael Jackson include a clothing line, pictures, books, and future bio-pic.

            Michael Jackson will forever be in the hearts of the elegance of fans he has captured all over the world. In death Michael Jackson’s life story has been completely rewritten. All the allegations and false rumors have been washed away with his passing.  In the years to come, Michael’s bad luggage will soon be forgotten. The most important thing that they will only remember is his music—the only thing besides his children that gave him the strength to keep pushing forward. Michael will always truly be the true King of Pop.

Note: Ardain Isma Jr. is a freshman at University of North Florida. He wrote this piece exclusively for CSMS Magazine.

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