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A journey to my beautiful country

By Joan ToukmejiSpecial to CSMS MagazineHi, I am Joan, and I am from Syria. I am 17 years old. I speak Arabic, English and some French. I live inDamascus with my family, and I read CSMS Magazine every day. I am going to tell you about my country, what do the people do there, and the type of food they eat. You will love it.         First, my country has a lot of delicious food like kebab, tabula, sego, shawerma and a lot more. The restaurants are very big and beautiful. There is a lot of crafting on the walls and on the dishes. Our delicious dishes make you want to keep eating more and more.Now let’s talk about our bread. It is round-shaped, like pita in Mexican bread, but it contains two layers. It is bigger and darker.          Syria has a rich culture. The one thing I really like is that the people treat each other as brothers and sisters. Muslim women wear black suits that cover the whole body, except for the nose and the eyes. The Christians wear normal clothes.          The country is located in the Middle East (Asia). Jordan is right below it. Iraq is to its right.Turkey is above it and Lebanon is on its left side. Its northern coast borders the Mediterranean Sea. Syria has rich soil and some oil.  Many tourists visit my country each year.          Syria is well respected among other Arab countries. It fought France and became independent. Hafes, the father of Basher, became the president. Then the country became democratic. When Hafes died, his son, Basher, became the new president and continues what his father was doing.          Finally, I am going to talk about the dances and the songs. The dances are very familiar. They are called belly dance, slow dancing, street dancing and the dapacke. Every one knows about the belly dance. The most famous singer (Shaq era) dances that. The slow dance is a very very very romantic dance. Street dancing is super cool, hip hop, and rap and reggae are the songs that will go perfect with the dance. To dance the Dapacke, a lot of people hold hands and go around in circles, stomping their feet and moving. It’s really interesting to watch other people dancing it. I can’t dance it, but my dad has promised to teach me.            That’s all I can tell you right now. I hope you’ll like the information about Syria. Who knows? Maybe some day you will be able to visit it. It’s a really cool country.Also see In the pursuit of an awesome dreamNote: Anyone interested in writing about his/her own country must feel free to do so. After all, our mission in CSMS Magazine is to take multiculturalism to its highest level. We are also happy to know that the work that we do here in this magazine is appreciated by readers from all corners of the world. 

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