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A holistic approach to literary success

writing passion1Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

In literature, like in everything else, to be relevant is to be yourself in the most unique way possible. Mimicking others in an attempt to secure a piece of their fame will not work, for it will make it harder if not impossible to brand your name as a credible author. What makes you a beloved writer is that uniqueness, that little extra one can only find between the lines of that page-turner that keeps him guessing until the last chapter.  Being able to excel in multiple genres is always helpful. Creating convincing characters, however, is more important, especially if you are a mystery writer, a genre that focuses heavily in character-development. Respect the rules, of course. Above all, be yourself.

Note: Ardain Isma is a novelist and editing manager at CSMS Magazine . He heads the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies. He also teaches Introduction to Research Studies at Embry Riddle University. To see his books, click here.

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